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Dents happen!

It’s one of the most frustrating things that can happen to a vehicle owner but it happens every day in every city across the country. No matter how careful you are, the odds are, that it will happen to your car several times during the few years you own it.

Paintless Dent Repair



There are a few options you have when you get a dent in your car or truck. 

First of all you could call your insurance and have them send it to a repair shop that is going to do the same exact thing that we do. But that means you’re going to have to drop off your car and leave it with them till they are ready to do the work. Then you’re going to have to pay a deductible which usually means higher rates in the future.

Next, you could call us right now and get a free quote over the phone AND schedule a time to bring your car into our shop to be fixed on the same day while you wait (usually in about an hour). Oh by the way, we’ve set our pricing to be less than most insurance deductibles.

And last but not least you could leave the dent for the next owner but that means your vehicle is worth less than it would be if you fixed it.

The best part of calling us is that we want what’s best for you, if it’s a job that should go through insurance we’ll be the first ones to tell you that. We have been in business since 2006 and we’ve worked on THOUSANDS of vehicles just like yours.

We’re grateful for the PERFECT 145+ “5-star” Yelp Reviews we’ve received so far and we’re working to keep that streak alive! 

We are the Dent Repair Experts!
145+ "5 Star" Reviews!