What is Paintless Dent Removal?

Paintless Dent Repair is the process of removing small dents and dings without having to use any fillers or paint. By pushing the dent out from the back side. We can keep the damaged area of your vehicle totally original. Paintless Dent Removal is an art or craft that takes years of practice. What makes PDR so difficult is that metal work is being done with the paint still on the vehicle.


How Is The Dent Removed?

The process generally starts by cleaning the panel and analyzing the damage. The technician determines how to best access the dent from the backside and what tools will be needed. Every panel is a different challenge and every dent has a preferred access point. The dent is accessed by placing a tool behind a dent through a windowsill, wiring loom, headlight, removing door panels, creating a hole, etc. The tool(s) are then used to apply just enough pressure to remove the dent without affecting the painted finish. By using metal rods, a skilled technician can methodically message out the dents. This is when hand eye coordination is most needed, because the technician cannot see his tool behind the dent. By moving the metal behind the dent and using a reflective light source a technician can then find his tool to correctly remove the dent with results typically 90 to 100% true. Now the vehicle is back to its original condition.

Why Would I Use PDR?

There are great advantages to using Paintless Dent Removal!

1) Cost is big factor. A dime size dent in your car door can easily cost 3-5 times as much to repair at body shop.

2) Time and convenience. Paintless Dent Repair can be done at your home (in your driveway) or office (in the parking lot.) An average quarter size dent can take 20 minutes to an hour typically. The same dent at some body shops can leave you without your car for 2-4 days.

3) You retain the value of your car. Why? Because the dent is not being filled with putty and then re-painted (which is the traditional method). When a dent is removed correctly your vehicle stays original.

4) Your car will not require re-painting (the factory paint is not being removed). Typically, aftermarket paint will not last as long as factory paint. No more worries about possible mismatched paint, paint runs, over spray paint!

5) PDR is a completely 100% environmentally friendly procedure.

Prices Starting at Just $75

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