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Expert Windshield Repair!

We can repair most windshields with very low out of pocket cost!

Lifetime Guarantee!

Expert Windshield Repair

It’s happened to all of us! You’re driving down the road and BAM!!! A rock hits your windshield and leaves a tiny crack. It’s so annoying, but there is a low (or no) cost way to get it fixed. The Dent Tent does Windshield Repair!

You’ve probably seen guys at the Gas Station hustling people to fix their windshield while they pump gas. What you don’t know is there is a difference between a safe permanent fix and one done by the guy on the corner.

You get what you pay for
There is a right and a wrong way to do Windshield Repair!

The Windshield Repair Details:

The growth and technology of the windshield repair business has grown substantially in the last few years. Unfortunately, some vendors are still using low quality resins and unacceptable repair procedures for their customers.


At The Dent Tent Windshield Repair, we use only the highest quality resins and repair procedures, and we provide a Life Time guarantee of customer satisfaction. 


The Dent Tent provides prompt service and the highest quality repair possible and we service all types of vehicles.


We are a Safelite Autoglass Preffered vendor and we work with most insurance companies, processing automobile insurance claims at the time of repair.


The approval process is simple, and with qualified insurance coverage, the repair is free.


Why replace it and pay a deductible when you can have it repaired for free?

145+ "5 Star" Reviews!

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Please Be Prepared to Text 2 or 3 different pictures of the damaged area so we can see what we're talking about.